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להורדת אפליקצית הוולטרים

המרכזים הלוגיסטיים:

דרך אילת 23 א', תל אביב                    

יפו 216, ירושלים

דרך העצמאות 45, חיפה

משרדי החברה:

המלאכה 8, תל אביב

 יפו 216, ירושלים 

Drive Home Safe

We all have loved ones at home: parents, children, friends. It’s easy to forget that when we are on the road driving. So let's take a moment and decide together: To Drive Carefully, so we get Home safe.

We are all familiar with this: we are driving and suddenly someone cuts us off, bursting into the road or runs on a red light. The roads can feel unsafe and we hear about it too from you our Courier Partners. In the surveys and your feedback, you talk about the fear of being hurt or in an accident and the unpleasant feeling you get from other drivers who are scared of you. All this because of the few courier partners who drive dangerously.

“ I feel that people are scared of me on the roads”

- A courier partner from Hasharon area

To succeed in making the roads safer and come back home safely - We need to Work together. This year we will launch the campaign “Drive Home Safe” and we will start to increase awareness of safe driving among our Couriers and the general public. As a part of this year’s initiatives, we will share driving safe surveys as well as tips from the couriers, special videos, and first aid training, together we will observe a new standard of driving at Wolt.

So what are we going to do?

We will change the numbering method of the couriers’ bags and adhere to a new service standard that requires precision on new and visible bag numbers. The new numbers are numbered in a different method, more noticeable and they will be glued on all the bag sides. The bag numbers should be renewed by 09.3.23, even for those who already have an old number on the bag.

Where and when you can collect the new number?

the logistics center (Eilat street 23, Tel Aviv)

From Sunday - Thursday between the hours of 9:00-17:00 and on Friday between the hours of 7:00-13:00

Wolt offices (Ha Malcha 8, Tel Aviv)

From Sunday - Thursday between the hours of 11:00-15:00

How do you put the renewed bag numbers?

Make sure that the serial number is clear and visible during the deliveries. It is forbidden to transfer the numbered bag for different courier to use or that use a numbered bag you got from a different Courier.

pay attention 💙

  • Showing the new bag numbers on the sides of the bag is necessary to do deliveries with Wolt. Wolt will be forced to end the contract with couriers without a renewed and visible bag number or that use a bag with a number that isn't theirs.

  • The message sent in the Wolt Courier partners App is an update to the existing service agreement between you and Wolt. The other parts of the service agreement remain unchanged. If you do not agree to this amendment, you have the right to terminate the service agreement by a written notice within 7 days of this notice.

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