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How to deliver medications with Wolt

Everything you need to know before delivering medications with the Wolt app. Read on to find all the necessary information to keep these sensitive products (and the recipients) safe.

So, how do you deliver medications with Wolt? Getting the delivery In the partner app under "additional details", you will see if the delivery contains medication (similar to the note on tobacco and alcohol shipments). Once you accept the delivery, you confirm that you will act in accordance with the instructions written below regarding the delivery of medications. Delivery time limit Since we are talking about sensitive materials and public health, there is a strict time frame during which the delivery is allowed to be in the courier's bag (in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health). That is why it is important to update the chat if there are any delays during the delivery. If it has been over 60 minutes since you picked up the delivery, please contact the chat.

Do not leave the delivery unattended Do not leave the delivery unattended from the moment of collection until the drop off to the customer.

Your delivery bag should only contain the delivery from the pharmacy Do not leave/put anything else in the bag.

What do you do when you reach the customer?

Check the customer's age

Make sure that the customer is an adult (that is, over 18 years old). Do not give the delivery to a minor. Please note that it is mandatory to check the customer's ID for their age.

Delivered to the customer only

Do not leave the delivery at the customer's door - the delivery must be handed to the customer personally, even if the customer requests otherwise.

Keep the delivery packaging intact

Before and during the delivery, make sure that the envelope containing the medicine is intact - closed and undamaged. Do not open the envelope under any circumstances. Do not give the customer the delivery if the envelope is damaged or open.

Returning medicines to the pharmacy

If one of the conditions listed here occurs (for example, the package has sat in the courier's bag for more than 60 minutes/ the packaging was damaged/ it is not possible to deliver the package to the customer in person/ the customer is a minor), or if due to any other reason the integrity of the package has been compromised and the customer refuses to accept the shipment - you need to contact the chat in order to return the package to the pharmacy for destruction (in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health). Do not give the package to the customer.​

It is important to adhere to all of the requirements regarding the delivery of medication, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Failure to follow these instructions may cause damage.

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